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Terms of cooperation

Obraz z mchu w przygotowaniu
Terms of cooperation
Our company is open to new challenges and we are ready to help you with your dream project. We invite you to long-term cooperation, we offer the highest quality products at attractive prices. We offer special discounts for regular customers and wholesale orders.
What we offer
High quality
By paying attention to every detail at all stages of production, we are able to deliver the best possible quality of our products.
Eco-friendly products
We use only natural ingredients in the stabilization process.
Competitive prices
For long-term customers and wholesale orders we provide attractive discounts. For retail customers we offer exciting promotions in our online store.
Good sources
Our products come only from legal plantations from Scandinavia and Eastern Europe.
Wholesale offer
We encourage you to contact us for a wholesale offer. If you are interested in our products, please feel free to use a CONTACT FORM.
Kraina Mchu Franciszek Piziorski
05-825 Grodzisk Mazowiecki
ul. Gen. J. Chłopickiego 15
NIP PL 5291824440
Franciszek +48 515-320-092
Robert +48 504-065-875
English: Lucja +48 517-845-210

515 515 320 092 320 092515 320 092
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